Mental health is increasingly recognized globally as a critical component of caregivers' wellbeing that has an undeniable long-lasting or even permanent impact on their own welfare, their family, and the health and development of their children. Mental health determines how caregivers understand, respond to, and interact with children, which can have a profound impact on a child’s development and future health.


The intended audience of the Knowledge Sharing Series is anyone who has a vested interest in caregiver mental health, including academic researchers, government representatives, policymakers, funders, and implementers.

A critical component of the Caregiver Mental Health Knowledge Sharing Series is the work of the Task Forces. These working groups are committed to advancing the implementation, research, policies, and funding related to the mental health of caregivers and its implication on the health, nutrition, and food security of children and households. Check back for updates on the exciting progress being made by each of these groups. Email caregivermentalhealth@fh.org to join or collaborate with one of these Task Forces!


The Knowledge Sharing Series aims to:

  • Promote the exchange of knowledge, evidence, and resources between stakeholders on caregiver mental health
  • Identify opportunities for increased attention to and funding for integration of mental health interventions into health and nutrition programming
  • Drive future research and implementation to fill current gaps
  • Form mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships

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